Who Do You Report To?

An interesting poll popped up on the Ministry of Testing Slack yesterday. In the interestes of not losing the discussion to Slack history, I thought it would be an interesting poll to have here on The Club.

In your company, who does testing / QA report to? Where report is your direct line report.

  • :one: Software development
  • :two: Dedicated QA org
  • :three: CIO
  • :four: CEO
  • :five: Other CXO
  • :six: PMO
  • :seven: DevOps org
  • :eight: Business line leadership
  • :nine: Something else

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In my company we have multiple levels of line management within the QA team:

  • Our Professional Services Director (who reports to the CEO), line manages, amongst others:
  • 1 Senior QA, who manages:
  • 2 Lead QAs, who each manage:
  • 2-3 Mid-level QAs, one of whom (me) manages:
  • 2 Apprentice QAs!

This is quite good in the sense that it’s not a diktat-from-up-high power structure, but it does mean that people have relatively little input/oversight (in either direction) once you get to more than 2 links away in the chain! To compensate for this, we have a monthly QA team meeting (with a proper agenda) that is normally attended by the Professional Services Director, CEO or another member of the senior management team.

Edited to add: Also, no one in this chain has any real impact on how we do our day-to-day testing, as we work in project teams (led by a PM and a Technical Team Lead) and typically there’s only one tester per team. The line management chain is mainly for HR-related admin, career advancement, feedback collation etc., and our monthly meetings are mostly knowledge-sharing and discussion of QA team initiatives like browser matrices or documentation.


My reporting chain is… interesting.

Mostly I report to the department manager. Since the department in question is a team of 3 product managers (one of whom is the department manager), one tech lead, 4 programmers and 1 tester it’s not a big thing. I also report to the product managers for the enhancements I’m testing.

In addition to that, I get occasional assignments that come from other departments. When that happens, I report to whoever is working with me for these assignments.


Our IT department doesn’t have hierarchy, it is self-organised/ managed. So, there is no report line. We only get back to the CTO incase there is a decision/ solution that involves money (spending).


We’re very project-based, so I sort of have a couple of people I ‘report to’:

We have a Testing manager here, who is generally in charge of making testing better in the organization. I do my career check-in with him.

Within my project, the project manager is the person I kind of report to at the moment, though if there are multiple testers, the test lead is who the other testers tend to report to.


We are part of the engineering teams, so we report to the engineering leads for each project as if we were developers in those teams. We also have a guild I suppose, but there’s only two of us so in terms of the QA role we kind of just report to ourselves since there is no test manager/lead type person. xD