World Cafe on Automation

Hello all. We are looking to run a world cafe on automation to share knowledge, understand current blockers and skills available and required in our business.

My question to you is, what questions would you ask?

I have a few potential ones already but if you have done something similar I’d really appreciate you sharing them. We are looking for 5 or 6 key questions to put to the whole of the development team. In no particular order our initial thinking is below. I’m also planning on reading up on the 30 days of automation and other helpful material for ideas.
Thanks everyone

  • What are we doing already?
  • What’s stopping us or missing to enable wider use and coverage?
  • What could we do?
  • What training would we need?

How can you measure/assess how effective your automation is?

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Information on what a world cafe event looks like is here

One of the questions I have been asking myself is “How can I measure the quality of the code in my tests?”

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