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Check out all these handy video channels related to testing. :tv:

Name Description
Ministry of Testing On this channel you will find videos about all sorts of testing topics. Some are taken from Ministry of Testing’s extensive catalogue of videos.
Rester Test On this channel you will find videos about Automation Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing, API Testing, Cypress, Selenium and Testing
Software Testing by Daniel Knott On this channel you will find videos about Software Testing, Mobile Testing, Software Testing Leadership, Software Testing Tools, How to get a Software Testing Job
9 Out of 10 Testers Watch Hanna, Sanne, Chris, Shey, and Veerle talk (read: rant) about various subjects around working life.
Testing Insights-Mukta Sharma Info on software testing-related topics and interview questions and answers.
Agile Testing Fellow Lisi Crispin and Janet Gregory discuss many topics related to agile testing.
Karen Tests Stuff Videos and interviews about software testing advocacy.
Pirate Tester Shares advice and experiences with software testing, and related fields such as setting up Communities of Practice and understanding SQL.
Nicola Lindgren Sharing a 10-year career in software testing and interviewing some interesting people. Software Testing tips, Software Testing Career, Starting Your Software Testing Career, Upskilling in testing.
Joe Colantonio The channel is covering topics around test automation, performance testing, security testing and the latest news from the testing industry.
Learn with RV Tech tutorials about Playwright, Cypress, TestCafe, AI, API, Selenium, CI/CD Pipelines, Programming, Linux and other trending technologies and tools to improve your skills.
Alan Richardson aka EvilTester His videos covering technical skills and practical software testing techniques.
Automation Bro - Dilpreet Johal Dilpreet shares insights and expertise he’s gained over the years. Explores various programming languages, frameworks, and tools.
Beth Marshall Beth’s channel is mostly focused on Postman tutorials.
Valentin Despa A channel that focuses on using tools such as Postman for API testing, Gitlab CI.
Testing with Marie On this channel, Marie Cruz talks about various topics related to testing, test automation, and other tech tutorials.
The Test Lead Channel for Software Developer Engineers in Test as well as Manual and Automation QA Engineers
Leeds Testing Atelier Recordings from the Leeds Testing Atelier conference. Past topics include; a DBA talking about database unit testing, a tester talking about mobile automation, a recruiter on how to hire great testers, a developer teaching TDD, a build engineer on DevOps adoption.
Continuous Delivery (Dave Farley) Explores ideas that help to produce Better Software Faster: Continuous Delivery, DevOps, TDD and Software Engineering.
Full-Stack Automation with Ruby (Rich Downie) Full-Stack Automation with Ruby, curated by Rich Downie.
Women in Testing A curated video playlist of women in testing
Matt Heusser Short snippets about testing
Execute Automation The intention of this channel is to provide training on BDD,Selenium, Appium, Specflow, Automation Framework Design and Development, Test Complete, QTP, VS Coded UI, Xamarin, Protractor course etc.
Mukesh otwani Channel on Automation tools which include Selenium Webdriver, TestNG, Maven, Appium, Sikuli, AutoIT, Jenkins, Git, Github, RPA.
Automation Step by Step Automation, Testing, DevOps and CI.
Chris Armstrong Chris revisits his blog posts all about testing.
Ivan and code Ivan Karaman’s talks about testing and quality, explores modern practices, and performs practical tutorials on a variety of technical topics. Focused on the areas that are helpful in testing: fundamentals, test automation frameworks, and tool comparison.
Paul’s Testing Rants For rants and opinions, tutorials, live coding, testing and test automation tools, chats and videos.
Rahul’s Testing Titbits Rahul Parwal (@parwalrahul) share his expertise on a wide range of topics, from test craftsmanship to consulting secrets. Plus plenty of advice on AI in Testing.

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Here is my YouTube Testing Channel: 3 Questioning Tools For Testers You Didn’t Know Existed (youtube.com)