30 Days of Agile testing, Day 14: Deliver greater value to the customer

(Heather) #1

I guess the task for the 30 days challenge today ties in with Day 11 quite well. I feel like testers can deliver greater value to the customer by listening to their feedback and applying it to requirements gathering and their testing approach.

I think listening to the customer we could then set up some testing personas for our known user types. Currently, I put a lot of effort into cross browser testing. I didn’t when I started this job. I soon realised how different the experience was on different devices and grew concerned that we may be losing potential customers by not doing cross browser testing. I feel that focusing my testing more there that I’m helping to deliver greater value to a wider range of customers. I had to learn to adopt the persona that if I’m using Internet Explorer I’m a user who likes that experience :joy:

I’m sure this isn’t the only place I can deliver greater value to the customer but it is my current focus for value.

How do you deliver greater value to the customer?

Roundup of 30 days of Agile Testing
(Heather) #2

"Sometimes it can feel like the work that we do day to day is disconnected from our customers."
100% agree with this!

(Matt) #3

Just added my post :slight_smile: