30 Days of Automation Day 12 - Read and share an interesting blog on automation


I have seen Execute Automation Test blog that lists the blogs I have referenced for test automation.

I have shared the link below but I will copy the contents / links in this thread to save everyone clicks at the moment. Enjoy!

Personally, I have used #1,#2, #11 and recently exploring #13. :grinning:


2.Software Testing Help


4.Sticky Minds Blog

5.Software Testing Class

6.Abode QA

7.Execute Automation

8.Learn Automation

9.Joey Colantonio

10.Software Testing Material


12.Software Test Pro

13.Software Testing Club / Ministry of Testing

14.The Test Eye

15.Software Testing Tricks

16.James Back’s Blog

17.Software QA Test

18.Software Testing Magazine


From our twitter friends:

I am really enjoying Alan Page, (The Angry Weasel) who I mentioned in day 2. I have been reading his book, but hadn’t started reading the blog yet (which is essentially a compendium of blog articles that have been edited).

I learned automation from Nikolay Advolodkin’s awesome selenium / C# class and so I continue to check his blog at https://www.ultimateqa.com/blog/ to keep updated on what’s going on with him and his classes. He puts out free courses in addition to his paid ones.

I’ll check out some of the above given by @celinetester too. :slight_smile: