30 Days of Automation in Testing Day 14: 5 Automation Experts on Twitter

I didn’t see a thread for this one, so…

Day 14 in 30 Days of Automation Testing “Find 5 automation in testing experts to follow on Twitter.”

I actually found an article called 33 Test Automation Leaders to follow on Twitter.

Well, I may be following a lot more than 5 today. But to start, I think the point here is to learn something new. So I’m going to try and find a few people writing about things I haven’t done yet:

Dan Cuellar, creator of Appium, a mobile automation testing framework. Followed!

John Ferguson Smart - author “BDD in Action” and “Jenkins: The Definitive Guide and Java Power Tools.” Followed!

Katrina Clokie - Author of “A Practical Guide to Testing in DevOps” - Followed! Also adding this book to my reading list.

Matt Wynne - founder and core developer on the Cucumber project. Followed!

Scott Nimrod - Ah! I found a Floridian. “…a thriving entrepreneur, software consultant and blogger who focuses on native application development and test automation. He regularly contributes to his Bizmonger blog.” I see he is writing about F#, which is something I have thought about. Followed!

-Dave K


Some tweets for day 14:


I am following


wonder if this is a trick question considering no one is every truly an expert :slight_smile:

  • that being said:

…taking suggestions


I never thought I had a twitter account. Apparently, I installed twitter today and realised I had a created a twitter account few years ago :smiley:

Also, started following all the above guru’s. Thank you for sharing them @pabs616, @amtoya, @heather_reid :slight_smile:

Please feel free to connect to me via twitter @Kumaravel_k21 :stuck_out_tongue: