30 Days of API Testing Day 17: API Testing Experts on Twitter

30 Days of API Testing Day 17 task is:

Find 5 API testing experts to follow on Twitter.

My list is people I already follow on Twitter but who I think others should also follow

JoEllen Carter

Hilary Weaver-Robb

Jenna Charlton

Amber Race

Gwen Diagram


Twitter is not popular in my country, I have not created an account yet :slight_smile:. Anyway I will take a look at the list which @heather_reid mentioned. Thanks @heather_reid!


Thank for sharing, @heather_reid. I don’t use Twitter much so I don’t know any API testing expert on Twitter. Already follow the list you suggested :blush:


I also don’t use Twitter every day. So I decided to share the following article.

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I’ve only just started using Twitter, I’ll make sure to follow the people you listed, Heather.

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From Twitter itself :slight_smile:

There is also the sponsors of this event


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Day 17: Find 5 API Testing Experts on Twitter. #30DaysofAPITesting


Thanks @heather_reid for your suggested. I don’t use Twitter, so I will follow the list which you mentioned.


Base on suggestion of @heather_reid, I find the list:
Testing API
Kereta Api Kita
Dave Westerveld‏
binta diaz


I have just created an account and seek for API Testing, figure out many results, some of them:
Honza Javorek
Micha Mazaheri
Peter Thomas
Raghav Pal
Greg Paskal


@heather_reid - Thanks. Is there any particular API testing article/video by them which you really liked or which gained lot of attention? I was also looking for a short (1-2 line) summary of their API testing related experience. But, I could not find it on their Twitter profile. If possible, could you please add that summary?

For example, like this -

Person1 - Expert in Ecommerce API testing, RestAssured library contributor.
Person2 - Expert in Security testing, tested Banking APIs for 10 years.

Hi @anon68517856 if you look at their LinkedIn profiles, you’ll find a lot of what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

Amber, Gwen and Hilary have all given API workshops or talks at TestBashes which I very much enjoyed.

Jenna is currently a trainer across a number of testing disciplines so there’s a lot you can learn by following that account.

JoEllen is not as active now as at the time of posting (this post is 3 years old).

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Here is my list. I thought I’ll spend 30 :grinning: So many cool people in testing

What I also did I looked at people on the “following” tab of the Alan Richardson: (@eviltester) / Twitter twitter account. Lots of good testers there and many of them are experts in API testing :slight_smile:

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