30 Days of Performance Testing Day 3: Performance Testing Experts on Twitter

Day 3 Challenge on 30 Days of Performance Testing Challenge asks to follow 5 performance testing experts on Twitter. Who are you choosing to follow?

I started to follow these experts on LinkedIn:

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@mtomlins and the PerfBytes podcast

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I was struggling with this one :slight_smile: Like they often like many things and talk about many things not just Performance testing.

So far

  • there is Scott Barber @sbarber (wrote the web load testing for dummies)

  • Simon Knight made the performance tutorials and i remember him saying he is done with us :smiley: so i’m not sure he counts :smiley:
    There was a speaker last year on performance topic - he is not active online but ones he suggested are:

  • Steve Souders

  • Tammy Everts

  • Ilya Grigorik

Twitter suggested an other google developer who is active on topic Paul Irish

While searching - I actually came across other people/blogs that poke my interest.
There might be good articles in performance tool/company blogs - but not sure i want to seem like i’m enforce one or the other xD Found a an open and supporting dev comunity along the way :slight_smile:

nonetheless - this was hard - :slight_smile:


aha xD I totally ignored the ones i’m already following :smiley:


you can follow my friend srperf http://www.twitter.com/srperf



So many Gracias amigo!

Follow ME!!!

@markontask and @perfbytes and @loadrunnerbth and @grabnerandi

All good!