30 Days of Performance Testing Day 2: Performance Testing Podcast

For the 30 Days of Performance Testing Challenge, which podcast(s) did you find and choose to listen to?

An article by PerfBytes recently usefully listed a few, as follows:

Can you recommend any of the above? or others?

Below are specific podcast episodes I’ve seen people reference in the challenge, feel free to add more!

TestTalks: Performance Monitoring with Andreas Grabner

Performance Testing Monitoring - QualiTest / Kim Knup

Performance Monitoring With Dynatrace AppMon – You’ll Be Jammin / Joe Colantonio

Performance Quick Attacks - PerfBytes

Speed up your web apps with Google web performance engineer, Ilya Grigorik - Scale Your Code

I went for Episode 117 of TestTalks with Rebecca Clinard / Joe Colantonio - How to Avoid Rookie Mistakes in Performance Testing.

Really useful - helped me build a basic understanding of common flaws in performance test methods that I should be aware of.

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