30 Days of Performance Testing


Just when you mention to the team you feel like you are lacking in the area and wish to spend time in improving at it :slight_smile:

Mail comes ^^

When you know the testbashers/test ninjas are there and know what’s up :smiley:


Just in case anyone is wondering what Guna is talking about, it is this -

Starting on July 1st 2017 for those that want to join in collaboratively online, but it can be done at any time.


This one is kindly sponsored/supported by PerfGuild.

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:blush: yeah - i felt like clicking links and there was no corresponding topic yet ^^ totally used the opportunity :slight_smile:

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OK so how many challenges have you done? Let’s see - today, what is your favourite performance testing podcast? Is there a testing one that focuses mainly on performance testing?