30 Days of Ecommerce Testing Day 12: Mindmap

(Heather) #1

Day 12 of 30 days of ecommerce testing is:

Create a mindmap of what ecommerce testing means to you and share it!

Have you created a mindmap? Or, if you’re not a fan of mindmaps, have you used something else for this?

(André Mendes) #2

I wrote something down, but that’s just a scratch of a scratch of a scratch :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


Basic categories that I could think of… forgot to add user reviews

(Divya) #4

(Rosie) #5

I came across this one

(Rosie) #6

Adding more to the collection…

(Ulf) #7

It’s a very wide range for testing. And you are all right. Here’s my mindmap. I found some issues concerning binding to external providers.

(David) #8

My goodness. This is a biggie. I’ve got a start using FreeMind:

But I’m going to take a couple of days to work on this, or maybe all week. In some sense it’s becoming a ‘wish list’ of things I have yet to learn.

(Magda) #9

@dkotschessa then you’re almost set for the bonus challenge once you’re done with this one :wink:

(Brian Martin) #10

A bit too late but here it is my day 12!

(Chris) #11

my take on ecommercing for external clients: