30 Days of Ecommerce Testing Day 29: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Ecommerce

(Heather) #1

Day 29 of 30 days of ecommerce testing is:

Research and share how Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and ecommerce work together.

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(David) #2

There’s plenty on SEO, but I wanted to roll this back into testing, so I found a great article, “How Do I Successfully Run SEO Tests On My Website?

I’m going to steal his image here:

After addressing the main points about having control groups and repeating tests, the tests themselves consist of things like:

  1. Adding/removing blocks of text from the site (yes, removing can help!)
  2. Adding/removing comment and share buttons
  3. Adding or removing “descriptive content, images, and videos”

You’ll notice that ranking isn’t the #1 priority (now there’s a weird statement). We are also interested in the number of site visits and stability of traffic performance over time. i.e. how do these rates change when we make any of the modifications above?

-Dave K

(srinivas) #3

Recently, we have launched another e-commerce site.
Usually, we do check for broken links on website as part of SEO Check.

If I use an online tool to check this and I found 10-12 Errors from complete website,
And I’m not sure what is the referrer for the broken links.

How to report them in Defect tracking tool?