30 Days of Quality Day 10: Customer Feedback

Today’s challenge in 30 Days of Quality is:

Find and read feedback from your customers. What does this tell you about the quality of your product?

Have you got anything you’re able to share for this?

Here are some messages left after tickets were closed:

  • Fast response to the situation. Got the situation resolved quickly
  • She was very nice, professional and extremely helpful! Resolved our little issue! Thank you :slight_smile:
  • Always very fast answering my emails… very nice! Thank you!
  • Great Explanation
  • When the system went down on Monday, I called to see if they would know when it would be back up. the agent was not sure when but told me that he would email me when the system came back on. I gave him my email and hung up. I was very understanding and thanked him for his efforts. I was never emailed when the system came back up. I checked to see if it was back online after lunch and it was working well. I was never informed or contacted again until this morning. I am not upset that the system was down, but I was told something that never happened. Not a huge deal at all, but an inconvenience.

In general the service is great, but we need to pay attention to not miss anything, because it will definitely impact on the client eventhough they understand why a bugs is taking place. Communication is of the essence.

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