30 Days of Testability Day 8: Share a video about testability

(Heather) #1

30 Days of Testability Day 8 task is:

Share a video about testability with your testing peers at your company.

Again, I couldn’t go past @ash_winter and @robertmeaney for this one

What video did you share?

(Ash) #2

How about this?

Excellent talk on the importance of testable architecture on speed, effectiveness and reliability of acceptance tests…

(Felipe) #3

I really liked this talk from Ioana Serban about her experiences with TestOps.

TestOps: Chasing the White Whale

What specifically caught my attention was that she mentions using monitoring as an oracle for testing and recreating production traffic in testing environments, which I thought are two great strategies to test a system.

(Magda) #4

It was by accident while waiting for a stream to start that I stumbled upon it but in this very short video:
an important point about testability of error handling code is made.

(Heather) #5

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