5 Ways to Foster a Culture of Quality in a DevOps World

We had a great Masterclass today with Sam from mabl and we’ve a few questions left over for Sam to answer! Please feel free to add your questions if you didn’t get a chance to ask during the session.

What kind of data sources do you believe are the most important to create a quality strategy? - Gwen Diagram

We’ve been moving towards Shift Left and now QAs are no longer embedded in teams but rather work on a Tribe level. Sometimes I fear I’m not doing anything, or not enough. I feel like I talk to many people and help out, but sometimes I feel that I don’t have deliverables. Any suggestions? - Antonella

What are some ways that you have celebrated bugs in the past? - Gwen Diagram

What Mabl does that other similar tools don’t do? - Leon Simoned


I’m curious if anyone at mabl ever took a look at this experience report from a skilled tester. In fairness, it’s a couple years old, but it raises a bit of a red flag for me as to whether I’d really want to emulate a company’s approach to quality based on the perceived quality of their own product: Experience Report: mabl Trainer and runner, and related features – DevelopSense

I’m unsure. I would assume like most companies, things are iterated on and improved. I know they’ve worked with testers more in recent years - quite a few well known within the community. Were you able to join the free webinar to raise your concerns and engage in a useful conversation Caleb?

I missed it–is there a recording?