Sources of process "Best practices" such as Quality Metrics

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I’m concerned as late on that good old chestnut of what is “Best practice”? if there is such a thing. I guess what I’m actually looking for is evidence of practice which is likely lead to good outcomes. Particular for sources that go beyond expert opinion. So Dan Ashby or Martin Fowler presented this paper is good. State of the DevOps report surveyed 3000 companies is better. I guess in the absense of peer reviewed papers that are current and keeping pace with change practices. How do we establish who is more credible and will what facebook/twitter/google do work for us?

I tag the example of Quality Metrics, state of the devops have indicated Code Coverage is out and Roll Backs are in. They aren’t the only ones to say it, but all the other sources I have are expert opinion and it’s difficult to explain why one expert is more credible than others who are sticking to how things have always been done.

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Context is the thing that kills best practise off, right off. Process agility backed by good communications are hard to supplant with a “metric” or best-practise health check that somebody else wrote. Draw a map of where “you” are, and where “they” are; you may not want to go where they are going. Wanting to copy other people only teaches you what they learned a year ago, your “map” might be taking you elsewhere today.

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