30 Days of Quality Day 3: Books

Today’s challenge in 30 Days of Quality is:

Pick a book to read that discusses “Quality” and share on The Club why you’ve chosen it

So, what book have you chosen and why have you chosen it?

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I’ve done quite a bit of reading lately, mostly around the concept of DevOps:

But now I’m re-reading The Mythical Man-Month where I compare how quality work was performed 20 years ago with the requirements of today. Even though the methods are more agile then they were back then, lots of the concepts and practices seems to have gone lost over time, which can explain some of the key challenges we face in our current work environments.

Next on my list is Agile Testing: a practical guide for Testers and Agile Teams to compare how agile testing teams can counter the methodologies mentioned in the Mythical Man-Month.


“Leading Quality” by Ronald Cummings-John and Owais Peer.

I read a fantastic quote out of the book on Twitter and asked them if I could use it in a presentation I was preparing - they said yes, and also sent me a free copy of the book!
I only read the first 3 chapters so far but I can thoroughly recommend it.

The quote in question was:
Leaders who embrace this idea - that companies live and die by quality as perceived by their customers - and make it their mantra will adapt and grow with them. Those who focus on functionality and internal definitions of quality …won’t.


Currently reading “A Practical Guide to Testing in DevOps” by Katrina Clokie. I’m only on the first few chapters but already learning a lot and made me realised that I need to do more testing sessions within our team (e.g. test strategy retrospective) and to collaborate more with ProdOps :slight_smile:


I believe this book is only in Dutch “Het Q-mysterie” by @ard_kramer & @HansdeRooij.

The Q-mystery; The hidden connection between testing and optimal efficiency”.

It explores why quality is a mystery, and how to deal with that.


Interesting book, but where can I buy it? I looked online and it seems it’s only available as second-hand purchase at “De Slechte”. Non of my go-to online book retailers seems to have it in their listing :worried:

try bol.com

Did that, no results that match.

How weird is that. Me, in Sctoland get a result on that and you, in The Netherlands(?) get a blank.

Have you tried this link? https://www.bol.com/nl/f/het-q-mysterie/9200000049218981/

A great example about location based testing since after following your link I ended up with this page.

Unfortunately I’m not able to use VPN services at the company I currently work so I can not do a proper location based test on this.

I chose Unleash Quality by Arron S Angle
It caught my eye because it immediately explains that the book has something for everyone and I agree with “Quality has been focused in segments of a company’s population, rather than applied to every department from top to bottom.” . That is truly something that needs to change, everyone contributes with Quality.

Hopefully I’ll be able to buy it soon! #fingercrossed

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