Activity 3.1 - Where does risk analysis fit in your team?

Time: 1 hour to review, modify and share your amended kanban models

Purpose: Risk analysis is a powerful tool in a tester’s tool belt and one of the reasons it’s so effective is that it can be run at different points in a software development lifecycle.

In this activity, we are going to use our pre-existing knowledge of our software development lifecycles and how our teams work to decide where risk analysis could be run. The goal is to leverage the activities that you have captured on your Kanban board to help promote risk based thinking and trigger discussions that deliver the most value and information on risk across the team.

Introduction: You have captured a kanban board model in previous exercises around how your team works and now you’re going to use them to identify opportunities to run risk analysis sessions.

Organising risk analysis sessions for your team are not only valuable in encouraging discussions about quality and risk. It also highlights to the team the value of professional, modern testing.

Task: Take the kanban models you created from Activity 2.2 - Identify opportunities for testing in your agile context and review the different activities that are carried out. Once you’ve reviewed them, make a decision about which points and activities in the kanban model you would ideally like to run risk analysis activities in.

Once you have identified where you would like to run your risk analysis. Update your model to reflect:

  • Where / when your risk analysis activity would be run?
  • What type of risk analysis activity would you run?
  • Why you think this would be a good point to run risk analysis and why you feel the activity you chose is most suitable?
  • Where are opportunities to mitigate risks discovered through design?
  • Where are opportunities to test the risks you’ve discovered?

Once you have updated your model. Share it here on The Club and we’ll begin a discussion on your decisions.

Started on this so far. There may be more things I can think of tomorrow.