SWTC London - Identifying risk

(Abigail) #1

Another month and another great session in London!

We kicked off with a great chat about what types of testing really means. There was a bit of debate though…what do you think, the ones with asterisks, are they types of testing or something bigger than that?

Given a strong effort on identifying types of testing, it was interesting to see how much easier it seemed to have risks flow. While there were similar numbers of outputs, the creativity and stories told behind each risk showed the richness that is created when speaking in terms of risk instead of test activities.

Big thanks to @danashby for sharing his model for identifying risk across the product and the software delivery lifecycle.

I found it interesting though that even given all of this chat, when we moved to testing a chair people quickly jumped to test cases first again. You can see these on the left in the image below. As a group we took a pause and revisited the idea of using risks to drive out even more quantity and quality of testing which is clear from the list that was identified on the right.

Next session will be on Exploratory Testing on August 9th. Hope to see you all there! https://www.meetup.com/Software-Testing-Clinic/events/252719633/

(Lee) #2

Seeing stuff like that makes me wish I lived in/near London :frowning:

(Abigail) #3

Well if you are ever up for a visit we would love to have you! But what about Cambridge…any easier for you??

(Lee) #4

Not really - I have to get around by train, so London is easier as Euston is only 1 hour on the fast (but pricier) train, whereas for Cambridge I have to go into and then out of London.

But if it goes on a tour that makes it’s way up ti the Midlands, I would be interested!