SWTC Belfast - Identifying Risks

(Heather) #1

Hey folks,

Thank you again for joining us at last nights Software Testing Clinic Belfast. We ran out of time to discuss some of the aspects in detail so please do feel free to continue the discussions here :slight_smile:

The first task of the evening was a group discussion about the different types of testing

We then moved on to discussions about risk

And @shicky shared his thoughts on risk

With specific reference to the Cartoon tester and the @danashby model.

We then talked about the risks related to this lovely chair

For those interested in the cards we used on the night:

@kstoltzenburg has a great list of further reading on the topic of risk also

We left you with an exercise to try based on the approaches we had taken in the session

Pick a site you’re interested in and run the same identifying risk exercise against that site by yourself. Submit risks you have identified specific to that site on The Club.

How did you get on?