Risk Based Software Testing Resources

Someone recently asked on the Ministry of Testing Slack:

does anyone have any recommended resources for risk-based testing?

@berenvd kindly shared this blog post from @marcel about using TestSphere to map risks.

When I searched the Dojo for “risk”, “Risk Based Testing Because You Can’t Do EVERYTHING” by @jennydoesthings at TestBash Philly is the top hit

Followed by “How to Identify Risk in a Large Code Base” with @ns1

We also have a Club post following on from a TestChat about identifying risks

Over to you, what resources would you recommend for risk based testing?


I expect many in the MoT community have encountered The Risks Digest Forum on Risks to the Public in Computers and Related Systems. But I have not seen any mention of it here. It’s a collection of posts dating back to the mid eighties, moderated by Peter G. Neumann. Often the material is not just about hypothetical risks, but real events.
We manage our software development and testing based on our judgment about risks. I see this forum as a resource to inform our decisions. It can help reveal what has been released unchecked. And there are examples of misuses I could not dream of.
I recommend Risks to the Public in moderate doses, starting with recent posts.


A related post from MOT itself which has some more resources - SWTC Cambridge - Identifying Risks

PS - I wish there was a course on risk based testing with dummy applications to identify risks.

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