Risk based testing resources

Give me all the risk based testing resources you have!
Thanks in advance

My summary:

  • Risk = Likelihood x Impact expressed in money.
  • Risk = Likelihood x Impact using relative factors (1 = low, 2, = medium, 3 = high).
  • Risk = Likelihood x Impact = (Long term consequences in the system x (Internal costs + External costs))x(frequency x complexity) using relative factors - MAINTAIN Software Management
  • Risk = Likelihood x Impact = (Internal costs + External costs)x(frequency x complexity) using relative factors - SmarTEST
  • Risk = Likelihood X Impact using other relative factors - PRISMA or Product RISk MAnagement.
  • Gather examples of stories and assign relative risk to them, then use MoSCoW (Must Test, Should Test, Could Test, Would Test) for remaining stories - Risk and Requirement Based Testing (RRBT)
  • Use heuristics Risk Analysis Heuristics (for Digital Products), SFDIPOT, and FEW HICCUPS in combination with Session Based Management (SBTM) - Rapid Software Testing
  • Riskstorming workshop with Testsphere
  • Workshop using quality attributes (E.g. ISO) and possible situations, followed by dot voting.


  • there are probably other risk based resources.

a test strategy is not static. Use new insights to adjust the strategy accordingly.

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