Training Recommendations for Risk Based Testing + 3 Amigo Sessions

Hi all,

What trainings or reading material would you recommend for QA’s new to 3 amigo sessions or risk based testing?

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Regarding Risk Based testing I learned that from aircraft development professionals. But that material is a little hard to acquire and absorb so I’ll just bring out the main point, and then you can be mindful of that when you read material on the topic.

Most material on the topic use Risk Based Testing as a tool to determine should I test this or not? The aircraft version is what do I need to do given the risk. Higher risk => Higher variety of test techniques, higher demand on the Test Oracle. They specifically have a test strategy saying. If it is life critical we will test it using these 5 techniques. If it is important but not life threatening we will only apply this 2 techniques. And if it not that important we will only apply this one fast test technique.

Sorry that I cannot provide you with material but I hope this helps on your way! Good Luck!