Hi, I am Trevor from South Africa

Hello everyone, I am Trevor from South Africa.

I am a testing enthusiast. I have recenlty been watching the BBST courses, and have been watching videos from James Bach, Michael Bolton, and the AMA sessions on the Dojo.

I feel that I am starting to found my own opinion as a tester, and I am so happy to realise the difference between testing and checking before I being paid for testing.

I still want to learn a lot, for that reason, I will set up my tents at the Dojo, here on the Club, on the websites of James and Michael so that I can binge learn as I start this new journey.

Now, I want to gain tangible testing experience as I learn and any help towards helping me with my goal will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and it is good to meet you all.


Welcome Trevor-from-South-Africa.
I was a tester (Also from SA) for about 3 or 4 years before I learned the difference between testing and checking, don’t let that stop you.

The big thing you will learn about software testing after the checking vs testing, is that the job soon evolves into one about identifying and prioritising risks. Finding code bugs one at a time is always holding your team back, finding the right bugs early, as soon as possible is the biggest win.

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Thank you Conrad for your words of wisdom and for welcoming me.

I will add studying about risks analysis in depth to my backlog.