Activity 8.1 - Modelling a complex system

Time: 1 hour minimum but more if required / desired

Introduction: During the lesson we explored a complex system that contained many moving parts and different technologies. The information we gathered was taken and added into a model or diagram of the system to help us explain how it is built, how it works and how the different parts of the system are connected together. This exercise builds on that initial work to expand the model.

Purpose: By creating a visual model of our applications it helps us to capture and share our knowledge of our system in a quick and easy way. Models arenโ€™t designed to be perfect, and itโ€™s the imperfections that trigger discussion and shared understanding. Our models also can be used in further activities to identify risks and opportunities for testing.

Task: Continue to explore the product given to you during the lesson and build a model of it. Use various tools to better understand how it all connects together whilst using a visualisation tool to show what youโ€™ve learnt.