Adding MoT events to my Google Calendar

Does anyone know if it’s possible to add a feed of the events to Google calendar? I’ve just tried with the RSS URL and it didn’t populate. My problem is I keep on seeing Crowdcast go-live notifications and not know what’s coming up.


MoT can you create a public Google Calendar that can be subscribed to so I can see upcoming events.

Having a feed to subscribe to would be very helpful.

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@sheymouse the crowdcast go live notifications happen if you follow Ministry of Testing on crowdcast (I think)

I know @dianadromey is working on something re the calendar side of things :slight_smile:


I have a feeling that is how it works too.

If you follow MoT you get notifications about events pretty much as they are about to start.

I haven’t looked into integrating it with my calendar more effectively though.

It feels like a job for Zapier… Could be an appropriate story for Automation week…! :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


Great to hear a calendar is being looked at! :slight_smile:

Will be really useful, especially now more local Meetups are using the MoT Crowdcast.


with a global audience - Always great to log into something interesting around the world…

+1 for RSS for both events on the event page and online meetups

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I get the go-live notifications, but as they are happening. Generally, I’m no able to make whatever I’ve been notified about because I haven’t planned it into my day/week/etc.