AI Discussion on tools

What are the key factors :thinking: to consider when evaluating the reliability and accuracy of AI-powered testing tools? :hammer_and_wrench:
And how can testers ensure the integrity of their test results when utilizing these technologies? :bulb:


I think there definitely needs to be an oracle or some touchstone that helps ascertain that the information the AI spits out is accurate and will solve the problem you need it to. The danger is when we accept the information blindly when it could be wrong.


You make an excellent point :100:about the importance of having a reliable oracle or benchmark to validate the accuracy of the information provided by AI-powered testing tools. Blindly accepting AI-generated results without proper verification could indeed lead to potentially harmful outcomes.
Establishing robust validation mechanisms and continuously monitoring the performance of AI algorithms are crucial steps in ensuring the integrity of test results. Thank you for highlighting this critical aspect of AI-powered testing!:bug:


It is important to ensure that an AI-based tool is not biased and covers the desired areas of testing and is not only dedicated to some of them. For example, a test case generation tool may emphasize positive scenarios while omitting important negative scenarios. QA engineers should take this into account and add additional test cases if necessary.

It is also important to assess the level of understanding of the generated results for QA engineers. If it is difficult for them to understand the reason for a result, it may be dangerous to use it.