Allure Report framework for test automation

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Everybody knowd that test automation reports aren’t really perfect. Especially those defaults that are generated by well-known unit test frameworks (like JUnit, TestNG, NUnit, etc.). I used to have them also until I tried Allure - a new report generator designed for many programming languages, frameworks and continuous integration systems.

I have finished the series of articles about Allure:

It describes the whole process of implementing it in a test framework. I hope you find this framework useful. Any questions are welcome here or in comments under the posts.

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Allure is the good reporting solution. You can check out this Reporting Platform build for the TestNG, Cucumber, and Mocha:

We have developed it resolve the problem to resolve the problem of sharing the Reports with the Stack holder and easy to understand them. Now We are planning to add more features and functionality and we would love the input and feedback from the community.

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