Android/iOS Developer options

I just wanted to know if anyone using Developer Options settings on an Android (or iPhone) while testing the app? Which one do you use and why.
I’ve recently started working in a mobile testing and can’t figure out how to make Developer Options useful.


I use the developer options for 2 main reasons:

  • Logs / debug info --> I haven’t used the iPhone one yet, but for Android, you can use Android Debug Bridge ( ) to monitor what is going on on the phone.
  • It’s necessary if you want to try and automate (for instance with Appium).
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I love the “stay awake” option so I can test without unlocking the phone every 5-30m. Also the “USB debugging” option which makes it easier to get logs for developers. We’ll also use “Do not keep activities” and “Limit background processes” - some partners have restrictions and we’ve found that turning these on (one at a time) helps to catch issues before we ship.
On iOS I like the “Network Link conditioner” so we can quickly test without using a 3rd party app like Charles to simulate bad connection.
Hope this helps!

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I am new to this area, (some of this was set not by me) but my iOS developer options are all turned off, with the curious expection of logging energy.
Device is in “stay awake” mode - Note: iOS are not so much a problem, but leaving an android plugged in can blow up the battery, so we use a USB “switch” for the Android targets.

That is an interesting deep testing option I did not know about, I have enough concerns about cloud cache restoring interference causing intermittent issues. Backgrounding an app on iOS causes all kinds of state problems if you leave it backgrounded for long enough on most iOS devices. So this is a good pointer. thanks for the tip Tiara.

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