Any good FREE database comparison tools

Now that we have all got over the shock of Megan and Harry, and are trying to pick up the pieces of our shattered lives :slight_smile:

Does anyone use a FREE tool, that can be used to compare databases on a SQL migration project?


Let me jump in with the worst possible answer “I have written sort of a tool…” that has o module that could help. The CLI tool (can be used as library) is Hermes

Basically it is a dataset comparison tool that runs using Apache Spark - a big data framework. Comparison now works with parquet, csv, xml, json, but I think the extension for it to work with SQL (JDBC) should be doable as Spark supports it.

Would that be of any help?

What type of SQL database? You can often find (free) DB compare tools specific to the database in question. I once did that and found some for MS SQL Server.

By a happy coincidence it is also MS SQL Server

In that case, you should have some options, but if you’re looking for free, or open source, that reduces your options. There might be a chance you have to pay or work within a time limited trial version.

The free (I think) tools I used in the past, not sure if they’re available online anymore, but I have archived copies of them. I can look my archives to review them. If you PM me an email contact, I could send them over later. Although that will be a while since I’ll be away on a trip for 2.5 weeks soon.

As for tools that you can find online, some searching for terms around “Microsoft”, “SQL Server”, “Compare”, “Schema”, “Database”, “Diff”. Should bring up results for tool listings, Stackoverflow & like posts, etc.

Here’s some that might help:

I think I’ve used xSQL Data Compare in one of those lists above before.