Any tips for graphql testing

Hello Ministry,

I had some encounters recently with Graphql and we do not get along that well :smiley: .

Any tips for graphl testing?

How did you make the transitions from a SOAP or REST API to Graphql?


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I used Postman for GraphQL Testing but you can use anything really.

How did you make your transition from SOAP to REST API? :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s not to hard, when I tried it out for the first time I forked a project: GitHub - KristofVanKriekingen1337/spring-petclinic-graphql: PetClinic Example based on GraphQL

and just played around, while googling documentation about GraphQL and tried write some tests.

I also used a browser extension to lookup graphql stuff (I used Apollo back in the days but there are probably way more tools now):

Authorization is really a lovely thing to test in graphQL since you can easily over fetch data.
It’s still a grey area for many developers so security vulnerabilities are pretty common these days. With " Inconsistent Authorization" as the leading issue :stuck_out_tongue: