TestBash Spring 2023 - Let's test the Pokemon API with REST and GraphQL - Mirza Sisic & Ioan Solderea

During TestBash Spring, @mirza & @restertest gave a talk on Let’s Test the Pokemon API with REST and GraphQL.

We’ll use this Club thread to keep the conversation going, share resources and answer any questions we don’t get to during the live session.


Questions Answered Live

@fullsnacktester - Because GraphQL is so flexible, how do you handle stable test data or boundaries when testing?

@chadbellan - With graphql it seems we can customize what data we want returned. Can the same testing options (in Postman’s testing tab) be applied?

@jenbauer - How does performance testing approach vary between GraphQL and REST? It seems that you can push the performance limits more easily with GraphQL unintentionally.

Anonymous - From a security perspective which is better considering GraphQL is more client side?

@lisa.crispin - Why is it called “GraphQL”?

@fullsnacktester - For public APIs, is there anything you can do to guard against bad actors misusing it? or is Graph QL really an internal API kind of thing?

@chadbellan - graphql seems to shine when we want to get all optional values returned for specific fields. Would graphql followed by rest be used for more broad testing?

Anonymous - We need to know about the challenge, will you be adding it to The Club?

@ben.mueller - How to deal with validation errors and test for the worst path?

@jenbauer - Do you know of any other fun public APIs that use GraphQL? I’m also curious if you have other learning resource exercises/recommendations.

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Please note the challenge details here, thanks!

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Who won the Pokémon API battle: REST or GraphQL?

  • REST - Ioan
  • GraphQL - Mirza

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Challenge poll has been added, here are some resources for public GraphQL API to play around with:

And there is an even longer list on GitHub:

Here are some learning resources too:

Article from the dojo:

There was also a talk on it at one of the previous TestBashes:

And I came across this short video on MoT’s YouTube channel:

Sorry that I could not make it yesterday. But I try to be here for any questions that you might have.
Thank you again for attending and I hope you liked the Challenge

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Small update: Ioan is in the lead, let’s keep the poll open for a few more days! :smiley:

After that, we will need to figure out a way for the winner to decide what type of content one of us will need to create, as promised.