test.allTheThings('GraphQL') with Manoj Kumar

6th up to the TestBash New Zealand stage, @manoj9788 is going to share their experience with GraphQL APIs and how you can test GraphQL APIs.

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You mentioned in the chat that graphql is replacing rest apis in the selenium 4 grid api. Can you elaborate on how that will affect tests written for previous versions, and what (if anything) will need to be changed to adjust to this?


What are some risks with using GraphQL vs. REST that testers should be aware of?


You mentioned graphql being a query language, and you mentioned 4 types of tests (static type checks, unit, integration, and exploratory) In your opinion where is the best place to start?


Hi Manoj.

I know you cannot predict the future, so I won’t hold you accountable for accuracy :smiley:

Disclaimer - I am not hugely familiar with GraphQL. It seems like a elegant solution, but will it really replace Restful API’s ?

It feels like a fun new toy - but does it really deliver enough to promote mass adoption ?