Anyone interrested in trying out my new free Selenium IDE (mashitup qa)?


First off, thanks for allowing me to join your club !

I was looking for people interrested in Quality assurance and saw this site as a reference on stackoverflow…

The reason for coming here is because I recently have build a new tool called “Mashitup QA” and giving it away to people interrested for free…

Few years ago I was building automation software for several platforms with Selenium, with visual studio like many others. I had a lot of work maintaining my code because those platforms where constantly changing. I searched and searched for a tool that could help me speed up things but found NONE!
Selenium IDE is too basic and too general for me… many other paid tools where closed for extensions or just way too expensive.

So, I decided to build my own tool that I’m going to give away for free. Few things where important for me here:

  • User friendly drag’ndrop
  • I don’t believe in recording your actions since this doesn’t work in many cases! But I do believe in an integration with the browser extensions, that help you select xpath.
  • not all automation is made for testing, so throwing exceptions on failure is not necessarily the best approach. So I build a wrapper around the regular Webdriver commands so that it doesn’t throw exceptions but just returns true or false.
  • After drag and drop, you can either compile it to an executable file or convert it to a visual studio project… This last one has always been very important to me for integration with other systems. This lowers the bar tremendously, no grunt work is needed for setting up a coded project.

I feel this is the tool that I always needed, But I would like to know if you guys like it too… If not, then maybe it’s best that I don’t spend any time on it anymore…

you can just download it via :