Selenium IDE is back

News: Selenium IDE automation tool is back :slight_smile:


Well, it’s almost time for Selenium 4. Quite a lot of new features there.

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What’s new In Selenium IDE

We are going to discuss, the New Selenium IDE 4. All all the new features included in it.

Top 5 feature included are –

  • New Toolbar, Test case Panel ( New UI)
  • Navigating Panel, Console Panel, References
  • Add assertions using the context menu.
  • Editing after test cases creation
  • Save Test Case and reuse
  • CI/CD With selenium-side-runner

Detailed Analysis -

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Testing is an important aspect. Web app, Desktop app, mobile app, salesforce testing and many more are done now a days. The main reason of discontinuing Selenium IDE was that it had no support for running parallel tests and cross browser testing.

The selenium IDE features includes :

  1. It now supports cross-browser. Now the scripts can run in parallel with the help of browser drivers.
  2. It can be used to test the responsive web pages.
  3. Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins can also run the IDE scripts.
  4. The scripts can be edited afterwards.
  5. Debugger is available.
  6. Visual UI Testing is now available.
  7. There is a workaround available for data driven tests.
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