Appium / Xamarin

Hi all - wondered if anyone had any thoughts on setting up Appium with Xamarin for mobile testing work? Just got involved in the creation of a new mobile app and working through Xamarin (especially test cloud).

My initial thoughts are that as we are developing code in non native language (c#) we won’t be able to easily use Appium as we don’t have the access to the native code, also I’m working on getting more knowledge of what the test cloud functionality is for producing regression test packs etc.

Just wondered if anyone had used in the past and had any feedback that may be useful for anyone looking at this kind of set up? I’m new to them both so could be talking utter nonsense!


Hi ddocherty,

From the question you asked, I guess you are trying to set up a mobile application environment along with Appium ( as your testing framework)?

Appium is a test automation framework, which can be used to automate mobile application. You don’t need to access your mobile application code in order to use Appium, you need the final output file - Eg: APK file for Android

Xamarin also provides test automation solution named Xamarin.UI Test
You can run the UI Tests on your local simulators or you can for the Xamarin Test cloud

Bot of these frameworks are good options for mobile application automation. Selection is, of course entirely based on your requirments :slight_smile:

Thanks for this! We have decided (for several reasons) to go with Xamarin UI.Test as the solution, and seems to be working well (fits well into the Azure/XTC set up) - but also a focus on physical testing as well, which is currently a good mix!

Hi @ddocherty @chamalasela
Did you able to perform the OS level operations for instance like Selecting the image from the gallery etc… by using Xamarin UI Testing .
I am facing that issue Did you came across these issues??