Ask Me Anything: Managing Risk - Further Discussion

On Tuesday of Exploratory Testing Week, we’ll be joined by @alex_schl for an Ask Me Anything session all about managing risk.

We’ll make sure to add any questions that we don’t get to and any resources mentioned during the session to this thread.

If you miss the live session, a recording will be available on the Ministry of Testing website for all Exploratory Testing Week attendees and Pro members once we’ve edited it and added captions.

Have you got any more questions you’d like to ask after? Add them here :grin:

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Resources mentioned

The flowchart Alex mentioned

Alex’s microheuristics Masterclass

And related blog post

An excellent article from @friendlytester and @sarah1 about software testing heuristics

The UK post office story came up too

Fiona Charles

The Cork meetup if anyone wants to attend Alex Schladebeck - Unit Testing and TDD from the tester perspective - Crowdcast

Maaret Pyhäjärvi

We have a talk on being a mindful and deliberate tester from TestBash New Zealand

Questions we didn’t get to

In relation to the mindfulness question, @jenniferheraty asked: Can you share a link to that course also? Or at least give source? Online or University?

  1. @jenniferheraty How do you handle the response “we don’t need to test that” when you start asking questions about a particular area of the software under test.
  2. @aldila: Do you deal with self blaming, when you could not find risk earlier before release? I am asking, because I catch myself doing this often
  3. @deborahreid: How many risks should we be looking to define?
  4. @aldila: what is the most interesting risk that you could avoided before release?