Ask Me Anything: Test Management

(Heather) #1

Tonight we had the awesome @trishkhoo for an “Ask Me Anything” on the topic of Test Management.

There are, naturally, a few posts on the Club about the management of tests:

Managing your tests - do you do that? To what end?

Test Management Tools

Open Source Test Management Tool

There’s also a post from a question I was asked quite a while ago about courses for Test Managers:
Suggested Reading Or Courses For Test Manager Or Lead

Do you have any questions about test management that you didn’t get to ask?

(Gabe Newcomb) #2

Is the AMA recorded and posted yet?

(Maggie) #3

The questions that were answered during the AMA are available with the recording.

(Heather) #4

not yet, it will be here when it is ready. I will also add a comment to this thread once the video is live on the Dojo.

(Heather) #5

The video is now live on the Dojo