Open Source Test Management Tool


I had develop a opensource tool to manage Testing cycles, scenarios and cases called SherlockQA
The ideia was to do something really really simple and fast to use.
Can you guys give me some feedback about it and what you hate/miss on current manual testing management tool

A small demo on how to use the toll:


Live Demo:


Unable to login so far, both using the default credentials and by registering I get this:


Thats strange… i see that some people testing it… can you try again… also… can you check the console and see the error pls?!

Thanks for trying out :slight_smile:

Also… i failed to mention that its not 100% compatible for mobile yet.

After further investigation it seems to be an issue with the firewall/web filter here where I’m working. It seems a service it’s using is forbidden (403). I’ve retried using my mobile network and I’m able to log in successfully. :slight_smile:

My bad!

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Ok :slight_smile:

I found kind of annoying bug myself when you leave the page open and the token timeout… the nginx is annoying asking for password…

Also… i will remove the CDN references so other people don’t have pass through the same problem.