Open source test management tool which can inegrate with both Azure and Jira

Hi All

Any one ever worked with a scenario where you have to use the Test Management tool which can integrate with both Azure and Jira. also it has to be free, a open source. , good interface. good reporting system. infact its like we need to have all paid version features in open source.

Please let me know any one ever face this kind of scenario, how you resolved it.

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I have heard that Zephyr and TestGear can do it. But I am not sure that they are free!

Hi @ravi1992 , the only open-source test management that I’m aware of (that I can remember right now), is TestLink.
All other tools that were mentioned, including Xray, Zephyr and TedtGear are paid and non open-source.
There are docker images for TestLink, that can facilitate your trial: Docker Hub

I’ve tried the tool and the interface is not that good unfortunately, but I recommend you to try it out and evaluate for yourself…
I don’t think it provides integration with Azure nor with Jira; the documentation is mostly non-existent; however, there’s a forum you can try.
Some paid and proprietary tools have reasonable entry prices though; maybe it’s something for your to consider.

Note: I work for the Xray team.

Hi, while not a free tool, Testuff test management does integrate with Azure and Jira. The interface is good, reporting is great. Seems to cover everything you want - but the ‘free’. Although price is so small, it is as close to free as it gets :slight_smile:
Give it a try and see for yourself.

Note: I work @ Testuff

Ok thanks for the information i will try