Ask Me Anything: Quality Coaching

Tonight, we were joined by Sahar Khoshraveshan for an Ask Me Anything on the topic of “Quality Coaching”.

As always, I’ll do my best to add any resources mentioned during the session to this thread.

I’ll also be adding the questions we didn’t get to.

If you missed the live session, a recording will be available on the Ministry of Testing website for all Club level members once we’ve edited it and added captions.

If I miss any resources or you thought of a question you’d like to add, why not add it to this thread?


Hi Sahar! I love your AMA! I’m asking this question here in case you don’t get to go back to explaining your process: 1. QA Kick-off, 2. QA Demo…what are the other steps? Thank you!



The Spotify model was mentioned which you can read more about here if you’re not familiar with it.

Sahar also recommended Atomic Habits for reading later.

Podcast recommendations:

Anne-Marie Charrets AMA was referenced, check out The Club thread from it Ask Me Anything: Quality Engineering

In the chat we had:
Excellent book recommendation, “An Executive’s Guide to Software Quality in an Agile Organization; A Continuous Improvement Journey” by Navid Nader-Resvani.

Sketch notes from @antonella

Questions we didn’t get to

  1. Who can be a Quality Coach? Is this a role for QAs only? Could a developer be a Quality Coach?
  2. Which are the most important skills of a quality coach? And which resources (books, trainings, …) can you recommend to start building those skills.
  3. What do you think is the best coaching style for a quality coach?
  4. How to convince other QA people that quality coaching is a good approach (instead of doing everything theirselves?)
  5. What’s the difference between a coach/mentor/teacher?
  6. To me, much of what I would expect from a quality coach could / should be done by a scrum master of an agile team. How do you see this? And how can scrum master and quality coach find a good way of collaboration?
  7. What approach works best with Quality Coaching? Top>Down or Bottom>up?
  8. How to involve the dev team if there is objection for this approach?
  9. Can you name some companies who have formally adopted the role “Quality Coach”, and what are expected of people in that role in those companies?
  10. In an organisation, would you deem the role ‘Quality Coach’ as a role in each agile team, or someone who is able to work horizontally across an organisation (in a similar way that an Agile Coach does)
  11. We (as a big Telecom IT) are having Quality Coaches, and we are in a middle in a transformation to Agile. Problem seems for Product Managers and Developers alike to feel responsible for Quality aka Customer satisfaction. Why is that? They see testing at as a service by others.
  12. What do you need from your manager/management to be successful as a quality coach?
  13. How does your typical working day look like as Quality Coach?
  14. How to communicate with development team regarding requesting the ids or names for automation? Or requesting some data for performance testing? Mainly, the most developers say their busy to do that…
  15. What are the steps to upgrade skills for a tester to cope up with ongoing & future demands of testing, test automation, AI etc.
  16. How, if at all, does quality coaching relate to quality management, quality assurance and quality control?
  17. Is quality coach a role, or more of a shift in how the QA role operates?
  18. Is a Quality Coach a internal (part of a company) or external (consultant)?
  19. Does quality coach use coaching techniques?
  20. What is the difference between coach and quality coach?
  21. How to act when your team does not want to learn more about testing and have a shared ownership of the quality?
  22. Is there a testing role when there is a quality coaching role?
  23. You mentioned root-cause analysis as one of the 5 basic practices for Quality Coaching. What is the importance of this?
  24. If you ask a lot of questions, have you experienced that people see no value in answering those? And have you experienced that a team did not want to become a better version of themselves? How did you handle it?
  25. What kind questions would you ask the team members you interview?
  26. Are there any challenges or is it too hard to be a quality coach when you have to work on entirely new team and the only people who understand or know about the product is PM Team. Understanding the team, understanding the domain, observing the team, building the quality process and being quality coach on a new team .
  27. How much tech knowledge do you need to become a QA coach from a QA analyst postion?

I shared my sketchnotes from this webinar on LinkedIn, and the following question was asked and answered which I thought might be worth posting here:


Here are my sketchnotes from this webinar: