Automatic web page change checker tool - help?

Hi guys,

Really new to Selenium so if this has been asked to death in this community I apologise!

So essentially I started working on Selenium for the first time in the last couple of weeks and have since then built up my test pack to cover a few thousand lines of code which completes a full regression test on my employers website (was an exciting moment).

Something I have learnt though is that if you are using ID’s in particular to identify the elements it may exist but it may not be in the right place on the page which isn’t much good if I don’t have a tool to check it (otherwise I may as well regression test the whole thing myself).

To counter this I was wondering if it were possible using Python to create something that would essentially screenshot the page, then the next time it’s run compare the screenshots together and flag any inconsistencies for me to go have a look?

I know I’ve read somewhere that someone has done this where it passes through AWS or similar and cross references the image through an algorithm or something, not entirely sure but I started reading about this before I knew how to use selenium so I may be totally wrong.

Any ideas are good ideas but it would preferably have to be free as id like to practice in my own time and don’t fancy paying crazy money toward it.



Hey Dan, what your looking for is visual testing!

Depending on your language of choice or if you don’t want to write code but use a GUI I’m happy to help/advise?

I give talks all over on the topic and have built a framework for visual testing. I use it a lot myself and so happy to offer any help if it’s of interest :-)?


Hi Viv,

I’ve popped you a direct message, thanks for the help!


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For visual testing, I would take a look at or