Covering UI changes through automation?


I currently have a suite of regression test cases in Selenium, but yesterday I read up on a tool called Screenster (link)

This tool claims to spot visual changes in the UI and basically made me realise that my current Selenium test cases will not spot any such issues. Of course I have asserts in my cases to ensure that some wording is present etc, but if the layout has changed I am none the wiser.

How do you deal with this issue? Do you write your Selenium test cases in such a way that covers the UI, use a tool like Screenster or simply reserve a couple of regression cases for manual execution and hope that the testers notice any issues?


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What Screenster is called “VIsual Testing”.
And Selenium by itself is not proper aimed to visual testing - its goal is to act upon the DOM, not on how browsers interpret and render the DOM.

There are some tools for Visual Testing, and you can integrate some of them, such as Applitools’ Eyes, in Selenium checks.

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Great, thanks for the info joaofarias. I guess paid is the only way to go for visual test tools?

There are some open source tools.
The paid ones are mostly due the fact that they run servers for it’s usage.

Visual Testing are still not as mature as functional testing tools - give it time :slight_smile: