Automating Testing on SAP Hybris, MS D365 and a Bespoke Middleware

I need to automate test scenarios which includes a flow from SAP Hybris to a bespoke middleware application to MS Dynamics 365 (Finance and Operations).

Can anyone recommend a tool or set of complementary tools which can help with automating these tests?


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Hi Priti,

Thanks for replying to my thread. And thanks for the suggestion, however it does not address what I was looking for specifically. I was hoping to get advice for people who’ve already attempted test automation across an integrated solution which includes Dynamics 365.

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Have you looked at Worksoft Certify? Its not open source but should meet your needs.

Hi Goke,
To test across applications on the desktop and spanning both custom-built/bespoke and standard solutions is a more and more common challenge. :slight_smile:
If you are inside a browser all the way or could be relevant, else look into the commercial RDA/RPA tools as elaborated in the below:

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You can try Automai, their platform can test an entire business process. It’s robotic but behaves as users. And you don’t need to code or install anything on servers.