What is more beneficial to Learn-selenium, robot framework or RPA tool (UIPath)

what is more beneficial to Learn-selenium, robot framework or RPA tool (UIPath)

This looks like to broad a question… beneficial to find a job I guess? In that case, this is not so much about a specific library/tool/langage but more about general knowledge/experience about QA and Testing. The tool is chosen according to the project you are working for. Those 3 tools you mention are quite popular so an expertise in either of the three would be beneficial. Then gaining some “generic” programming skills (like Python) could be useful in many situations as well.


I agree with laurent,
Without knowing what you trying to automate, it is hard to give a recommendation. Whichever choice you make, you will learn some transferable skills, such as locators and best practices for organising test objects and test steps.
If you find that you need to change for any reason, you should be able to take a lot of the experience you learn with you.


It really depends on:

  • what problem you have
  • what you’re trying to achieve

E.g. of scenarios where I needed automation/tools/scripts:

  • complex querying of databases to generalize a bug identified with a particular field;
  • linking together log files information to identify how the systems are handling particular responses;
  • linked api queries(where I needed to do call 3 different apis to identify wrong data in the overall products list)
  • endurance and perf monitoring - launching a desktop app and triggering another tool to use the app through UI each 5 minutes for 2-3 days in a row - analyze the system resources and stability.
  • Pushing through an API by randomizing the data called in various parameters values;
  • UI regression - screen comparison to assert multiple mostly static data at the same time - with Selenium or Cypress and extra frameworks;

After all - it all depends on what you want to achieve.
The means to achieve it should be as varied as possible.
Taken out of context you should be able to identify different means to reach the results you’re after.

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kill 2 birds with one stone & learn selenium + Robot Framework (RF) + python (for RF, Selenium). RF has Selenium library integration.

Hello @mnayak and Welcome!

I have worked with both Selenium and an RPA tool. In my opinion, RPA tools are not meant for use in testing. They require more time to create a workflow, mildly challenging to manage and deploy, and would require frequent (and possibly frustrating) maintenance.
Regardless of what you learn, I agree with others here that you should consider stepping back and determine what your test challenge is. At the same time, I applaud your effort to learn some programming!