Automation in Testing Cohort - Introduce yourself

Hello everyone,

Richard and I are very excited to be running our Automation in Test cohort training with you and we can’t wait to get started. Over the next month you’ll be learning lots about automation together, so let’s kick off this learning journey by getting to know one another.

So drop in a quick hello on this thread, share a bit about yourself and maybe drop in what you’re hoping to learn from this course.

See you all soon
- Mark

Hi all,

My name is Dyon, 34 years young and from the Netherlands. I have a background in mathematics/IT and working as a tester/consultant for allmost 10 years. Hobbies include kitesurfing, gaming and messing around with tech like adruino’s and building a nes emulator.

One of the things I would like to learn is about test approaches for different kind of systems/emvironments

see you next week!

I’m Maria, originaly from Russia, but I live and work in Switzerland for 15 years. I’ve studied mathematics and I’m working as a tester for about 10 years.
I work for a big insurance company and we have looooots of different applications, written with different technologies. Most of the products are quite heavy monoliths, with Java Swing UI. We also have some “nice” applications running on K8s and I hope there will be more in the future.
Depending on the application we have a different level of automation and coverage.
I always try to bring a message to my team that a good product quality starts with the right tests, on the right level, covering the right risks. And it is one of the biggest challenges to answer the question, what is this “right” :slight_smile:
I expect from the course to get a better understaning how to design the automation coverage thru a complex system, what are the best practices, what are the common problems etc.; I want to challenge myself and try new authomation methods and tools.

I’m looking forward to the training. See you!

Hi @mashenka and @dyon

Thanks for being the first to introduce yourselves and welcome! We’re excited to have you with us and I’m sure we can address some of the things you’re hoping to learn.


Hello everyone, Beth here from the UK. Managed to snag the very last ticket of the course :ninja_black:

I’m a tester who’s managed to land themselves into a position of management at a start up - which has kicked off major imposter syndrome since I don’t code (would love to learn, just haven’t had the exposure yet). But, now I’ve got to make Test Strategy decisions for the organisation, and part of that is looking at where automation fits into that for us - where it should, and where is our time best spent implementing it.

So my goals are more theory-based, trying to understand why we automate at a particular layer over another, how we measure testability of code and the value of automation. So that the theory can hopefully stop me spending 6 months striding in the wrong direction before needing to backtrack!

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Hi everyone!
I’m Ifat, from Israel. I’m a new QA Team Leader of the Web UI component of our huge product. Our team goal for 2021 is to start our world domination by taking ownership on additional components :shushing_face:.

I’m actually hoping this course gives me the confidence to be an automation leader. At the moment, I feel that my leadership is mainly in the general QA methodologies and processes.

Hello everyone, I am Margie from Burlington, Vermont, USA! I am a QA Analyst looking to broaden my test automation knowledge and skills. I am joined in this course by 10 of my colleagues – our company is in the digital marketing space within the automotive industry. We are all excited to jump in and get learning!

Hi everyone! I’m Kate, one of the large Burlington crew! Like Margie I am a QA Analyst looking to learn new testing skills that will make it easier to have confidence in releases to a large, complex platform. My team specifically does a lot of work on UI components and I am trying to be a leader in our UI automation efforts but need some automation training to get there.

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Hi everyone,

My name is Eelco. I am 42 years old and have been working as a tester for 12 years now of which the last 6 or so as test automation engineer. My hobbies include: Mountainbiking, Krav Maga, gaming and programming on sites like Codewars with Python, Java and C#.

I would like to gain more knowledge on setting up a test strategy for automated testing. And especially on what to automate and what not.

hi all,
My name is Anya and I currently work for a software company based in Brighton, UK as QA Manager. My experience mainly includes manual testing and some automation (Specflow). I have spent over 10 years working on complex Java and .Net applications, and for the last 2 years I have been managing a team of QA testers and test developers.
The course already covers a range of topics that I look forward to refreshing and learning new things about them. I’d like to learn how to better spread the love of testing to audiences outside of QA, such as developers, business analysts, and other businesspeople.
See you soon :slight_smile:

Hi everyone! I’m Nick, joining you from Maine, US. I work with the folks here from Burlington. I’m new to the field of software testing, but have some background coding. My team has front-end developers and back-end developers. I’m looking forward to learning about identifying risks and integration testing.

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Hi all. I’m Kevin and work at automotive and based in Vermont.

I have some experience in automation. I’d give myself a 6 of 10 with my comfort level.

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Hello! My name is John Gavin. I’m also one of the group from VT. I started my QA career with automation, but have been away from it for 15 years. Looking forward to getting back to it.

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Hello, I’m Charlie Posnick. I’m with Cox Automotive, a QA Analyst. I’ve been in software testing for many years as a mostly manual tester. I’m in the very early stages of transitioning to STE. I’ve been ‘exposed’ to aspects of test automation over the years but have a LOT to learn and am not actually writing test automation. Looking forward to this course and learning a lot.

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My name is Noreen Dertinger, I am about 40 km south of Ottawa, Ontario Canada (rural area).

I’ve had varying degrees of experience with some automation tools in the past. Currently, I am working as a consultant and my clients primarily do manual testing. I am looking to introduce automation of some of the testing in my current environment.

Hi there, I’m Michelle. Living and working in London as a QA Analyst. I don’t have much experience in automation testing so I’m looking forward to learning the basics.

Hell! My name is Douglas. I am a QA Analyst. Part of the Vermont crew at (Cox). Looking forward to learning everything I can from this course!

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Hello My name is Erik. I am a QA Analyst looking to expand my tool set to make my job easier and the development work flow quicker/safer.

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Hi! I’m Cara from Burlington, Vermont. I’m excited to be in this cohort with people I know from work, as well as with people who offer a new perspective. I am interested in learning API & back end automation testing techniques. I work primarily with java based applications and there is a lot to learn! I am pretty green in the automation testing world but I really enjoy it.

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Hi, I’m Bethany and I’m also with Cox Automotive (the Vermont crew). I’ve been testing for the last 15 years across a couple different companies. I’ve done some automation in the past and used a few different tools, but it hasn’t been my main focus over the last few years. looking forward to learning more about how to best use automation in testing in this class

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