Baseline Testing

I am working on a (cloud) security project, which is implementing a new Secure Web gateway, Endpoint Protection and extensions of current Network Security.

I have been asked to conduct some high level web page performance (load times) testing, so before and after scenarios.

I was looking at Page Load Time chrome extension, which seems to have good reviews, however was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions?

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Would any of these tools be what you are looking for?

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Thanks Heather. The organisation I am currently working with has put a restriction on chrome extensions :frowning:

After looking at the Site Speed Tools thread, Iโ€™ll look at using Lighthouse via Chrome Dev Tools --> Audits.

Thanks for the advice.

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I am on mobile now, so itโ€™s difficult to link details, but check out the report example and demo script they have on their site.


Not a problem. I look forward to hearing about the tool you do choose to go with :slight_smile:

I came across these, Iโ€™ve not actually used them, so it would be great to have any feedback if you do.

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