Performance Tool for AngularJS WebApplication - Suggestions Please

Looking for a Performance Tools for validating how fast the application performance in terms of navigation’s between pages, saving form data from FRONT-END for an AngularJS WebApplication UI.

Appreciate any suggestions around this.

Why not just use the Chrome Developer Tools? Free and reliable and pretty sure all that info is there.

Can possibly use selenium to drive the navigation between pages, then once each page is fully loaded export the Performance Data to somewhere sensible to work with (Excel or a DB) and analyse further.

Hi @theglovner

Thanks for your suggestions, as it is AngularJS application built on top of Typescript, we are moving with Protractor Cucumber Typescript framework for automation.

I was exploring tools like JMeter, NeoLoad for front end performance testing, though looking for more apt tools if someone has explored on or used on their projects.


Any experience I’ve had with JMeter hasn’t been enjoyable, although that’s probably down to me not having the time to learn it properly as I concentrate mainly on the functional for my current role.

That being said I’ve heard other voice the same concerns about JMeter and their suggestions was to try Gatling which tries to address some of the pain points people have found with using JMeter. could give that a look if you want.

I guess something to try and understand is what level of performance testing you are looking at here, if you only want to track page load times (as in get a baseline and track performance over time against that baseline to look for spikes alongside other activity) then the Chrome Developer tools should be more than enough for what you need.

If you are looking to do true performance testing however (soak, spike, volume, load etc.) then you probably want to consider those tools like JMeter, Gatling etc.

Pick the tool that’s right for the job, awful lot of learning and headaches to get JMeter up and running just to track single user page load times against an established baseline.

Hi @theglovner

That was a lovely patch up, yes Gatling is the load performance tool which we decide for Back-end (API Service Level) performance testing, because that comes with a super cool reporting and other features.

The front-end app is totally built on angularjs, and I just made an example of page loading as one of the factor/param for Performance, though would be looking on actual performance of the application as a whole.

I do understand from most of the forums, back end API’s have to be load tested to ensure the application is stable, however my vision is to ensure nothing is broken in the UI level, when there is a load being hit on the application (Example would be a Registration flow/ Student’s taking a test)

Automai’s AppLoader might meets your need. It’s an easy to use performance testing tool for the frontend. It accesses your application only from the UI and requires NO coding, plugins or installation on application servers.

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