Best practices for integrating different tests with Azure DevOps (ADO / TFS)

Hey everyone! Who has experience with integrating tests in Azure DevOps? (TFS)

I am in a unique position where I have multiple engineering teams who have various aspects of functionality, that require API tests, Performance Regression tests, and UI automation using Protractor (Angular). They all want to manage their own tests (kind of adopting a modern test approach, without dedicated separate QAโ€™s โ€“ having the engineers and teams also plan and write tests. )

For Performance runs, we are currently using JMeter. Open to other suggestions.
For API, Postman collections.
For UI Front end automation, we are considering Protractor (since our engineers are writing everything on the front in Angular)

What are some best practices to consider when attempting to integrate these tests in the product teamsโ€™ actual pipelines?

Each team has its own dedicated Dev and QA boxes, as well.

I am open to any suggestions that will help us set up a proper CI CD world.

Iโ€™m happy to be proved wrong but so far I havenโ€™t found MS DevOps a good fit with the countless open source tools available. Maybe itโ€™s the expense that makes the user base smaller and therefore less vocal?