Selenium tests in a devops pipeline

Hi guys,
any experience about setting up a test framework for selenium test cases by usin pipelines in devops?
the idea is to have a set of test cases that will be run nightly and/or on demand as well
any idea and suggestion wil be appreciated :slight_smile:

Most CI tools allow generic steps definitions on pipelines, so anything you do locally is reproducible there.

What are your specifics?
Tech stack, context, etc?

basically i have a set of test cases created in visual studio and would like to run them every night. the company started to use azure devops so woudl like to create a pipeline with a testing stuff there.

You can easily do this with the builds or releases in Azure DevOps - they can run on a schedule and/or on merge of code. You can have them run separately from the rest of the pipeline or have a code merge kick off a build of the code, deploy to an environment, and run the automation.
Some docs here:

Jenkins with Jenkinsfile in the repo and Jenkins Declarative Pipeline.
Using Docker images at the correct stages (There are headless Selenium images)
Even Selenium grid shouldn’t be a problem.
Jobs can be then run using the “play” button, REST API, on some activity or a CRON schedule.

Question is, do you have anywhere to self-host Jenkins?